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Hints on Zenloss Zone Zero, a Game Shooter, will be Revealed on May 13

8 months ago
Hints on Zenloss Zone Zero, a Game Shooter, will be Revealed on May 13

The developers of the well-known Genshin Impact made an official announcement concerning the next game, shooter Zenloss Zone Zero. A cryptic teaser site hinted at an official reveals on May 13. 


The site appearance was after a week after the emergence of the Twitter official game account. "Dear citizens, a sub-Hollow disaster has occurred in the district you are traveling to," so the developers offered in the tweet to visit an entertainment channel for gamers waiting for the next move.


There are two broadcasts in two languages, English and Chinese, available on the site. The first broadcast depicts a short news report about sub-Hollows emergence in a city. The reporter states that all the city residents should be evacuated because of establishing a Level 2 control zone. He also adds that there is nothing uncommon in these sub-Hollows because they are as regular as natural disasters.


The message of the second broadcast is longer. An unknown person that may be one of the factions or squad bosses encouraged to join him in the struggle against sub-Hollows and everything that can be inside. 


In their inofficial speech, constantly interrupted by intermittent static, the man talks about chaos, doomsday, and disasters around. But they managed to survive and be reborn and are going to involve the player in their ranks. But it is obligatory to undertake a special commission, and everything will be ok. They will let the players go only after the task fulfillment.  


The players of Genshin Impact got used to challenges, but Zenloss Zone Zero will offer something different.


Hoyoverse previously hinted at a new shooter, and this teasing message was a confirmation together with the shooting and driving features mentioned.


After moving to Canada, Hoyoverse launched a new project hiring staff over the next two years, but many open vacancies exist. So perhaps the game is still in process.


We can not state anything distinctly until May 13 about Zenloss Zone Zero but can predict that it is going to be an excellent game.


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