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Hogwarts Legacy May Be Postponed Again

a year ago
Hogwarts Legacy May Be Postponed Again

Sacred Symbols podcast host Colin Moriarty has revealed that Hogwarts Legacy could be delayed until 2023. According to his sources, the developers of the Harry Potter RPG will need more time to finalize the project. He did not reveal the specific reason for the delay, but, according to him, the game will definitely not be released this year. There are obviously some problems and the developers need some time to solve them. In addition, in December it became known that two more studios Sumo Nottingham and Red Kite Games were involved in the development of the title.

Earlier, insider Tom Henderson announced that the presentation of the PlayStation State of Play will take place in early February. It is possible that Warner Bros. will announce a postponement as well, as development may be complicated due to the spread of the omicron strain of coronavirus.

Prior to this, it was expected that the presentation would show a gameplay video of the title, including due to the extremely positive reaction of the audience to the recent reunion of Harry Potter 20 years later. However, it looks like more sad news awaits fans.

Hogwarts Legacy was announced in 2020. RPG events will unfold in the 19th century and tell about a student who owns ancient magic. Players will be able to learn spells, brew potions, and choose the side of good or evil.

Last month, WB Games posted a new job opening for a Senior Character Artist at Avalanche Software, who will be creating humans and magical characters for Hogwarts Legacy. Thinking about this vacancy, there will be a lot of characters in the game as the studio is looking for an anatomy specialist not only of people but of various animals and magical creatures. Also, in most of the games, the main characters will still be people, but in the world of Harry Potter magic there have always been many different creatures, and in the games, various creatures often became enemies including trolls, spiders, and others. Also coexisting with wizards are house-elves and goblins, who should also appear in the title. Probably, a dragon will also appear in the game.

Unfortunately, the appearance of a vacancy raises some questions. The search for a senior artist who will design heroes and creatures is a rather strange fact that casts doubt on the readiness of the title.

It was previously reported that Hogwarts Legacy was supposed to be released last year, but it was postponed to 2022. It looks like the title is waiting for another delay.


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