Naughty Dog Develops a New Online Title

2 years ago
Naughty Dog Develops a New Online Title

Excellent news for all the fans of Naughty Dog games! Lately, the studio has confirmed working on a new multiplayer game on their official Twitter account. They hire new employees directly related to the development of the future title. There are a lot of rumors about the upcoming game and you will likely be excited about them.

The list of required positions is pretty large that confirms how the upcoming project is serious for the studio. Among the vacations are such jobs as level and environment design, monetization and economy design, and many others. According to the co-game director of Naughty Dog Vinit Agarwal, the company is searching for new workers aggressively. Nevertheless, some of the positions from the list were revealed last March and there were a lot of rumors about the development of a new game. However, now they are officially confirmed.

The game will be a standalone online project. Despite all the speculations, it seems like it will be a new The Last of Us title. First of all, the series is very popular and the community loves its setting. Secondly, previously Naughty Dog stated that they were primarily planning to add multiplayer mode to The Last of Us 2 and they even started to develop it, but later the idea was canceled. However, the studio also reported that they will back to the multiplayer idea lately. It looks like this time has come!

Another interesting detail about the future game was announced by Agarwal. He said that the gameplay will feature cinematic elements. It’s not something new for the fans of Naughty Dog titles as their previous projects are full of such features. However, it’s unique for online games as their complicated design usually can’t feature such implementations. Naughty Dog hasn’t released multiplayer titles before, so it’s hard to imagine how good or bad their new project may be.

There is not much information about the upcoming game. The developers promised to make a new great adventure full of action and a good story. The co-president of the company, Neil Druckmann, previously stated that the company has a lot of interesting stuff for gamers as well as the head of PlayStation Studios, Hermen Hulst, said that online titles may have exciting plots. Hope they implied an upcoming title, especially if it’s a part of The Last of Us series. In any case, we will check it out in the future.


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