Unannounced leakage of ARMA Reforger

a year ago
Unannounced leakage of ARMA Reforger

The ARMA 3 developers, Bohemia Interactive, announced the date of the upcoming stream concerning the details of the new military shooter. But leaked information revealed all the information before the official online stream.


Aptly named informer, PlzDontBlame posted on r/GamingLeaksAndRumours information about the marketing and brand guide revealing the upcoming release and details of ARMA Reforger. 


There was a complete document for public display in the post and a gallery of screenshots from the game.


Thanks to this leakage, it becomes clear that it will be a game shooter with a multiplayer option. Moreover, the name will be ARMA Reforger, not ARMA 4, as was previously expected.


If the data turns actual, the ARMA Reforger will be more console owners oriented. This game version will not be only for PC users. The document revealed versions for Xbox and PlayStation consoles. But it is unclear the time of release. It is unknown if the versions will come out simultaneously or if console versions will be delayed.


The newly created game aims to reduce the distance between ARMA and console owners. In addition, the game will introduce such new features as in-game monetization and multiplayer opportunities.


As it follows from the document, the game will be a military simulation, but not a simulator. Moreover,  it became more apparent that the developers have no intention to release ARMA 4 in a full scope due to challenges with Enfusion technology.


Probably, it will be possible to get more helpful information from the online stream that is going to take place on May 17, 2022.



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