Nintendo Direct may be coming soon

8 months ago
Nintendo Direct may be coming soon

So far, nothing has been announced officially, but gamers are already looking forward to the event. Many players keep a close eye on Nintendo, hoping that some event will be announced soon.

The next Nintendo Direct could be coming soon. Company presentations often contain announcements of new games. This time, some are sure that changes to the Nintendo Direct archive page may indicate that a new update is being prepared. According to Reddit users, the Nintendo Direct web page has recently been updated. It usually happens before the live stream of the event is launched. Note that the outer part of the page has remained the same; however, the changes have probably affected the server part. Who knows, maybe an unpublished Nintendo Direct presentation has been added and will be posted after the official announcement.

And here are some more tips. Nintendo regularly, every summer, holds some presentation, in particular, an event dedicated to a specific game. Hopefully, some exciting updates from the famous developer will be announced soon.

Nintendo Direct rumors also came from Giant Bomb industry insider Jeff Grubb. According to him, in July, that is, a certain event will occur next month. True, he cannot say what it will be. By the way, Pikmin 4 should be released on July 21st.


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