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No constant weapon chatter in High on Life

5 months ago
No constant weapon chatter in High on Life

The developer company Squanch Games has revealed to gamers details about the original High on Life shooter. The game novelty contains interesting elements of Metroidvania. In it, you have to play as a brave bounty hunter, designed to eliminate an alien cartel. The published frames of the future game contained funny dialogues, that were colorful and positive.

In communicating with the players, the company paid special attention to sound accompaniment. As Matty Studivan, a spokesman for the company noted in an interview, you will find a wide variety of dialogue in the early levels of the game. But the new levels of novelty will become more open geographically, and they will also have moments of silence that are rare for the game. As you know, the weapon here is very talkative, but sometimes it can be silent. In the game, you will see four different types of weapons - more and less talkative.

So, the video trailer of the game caused a lot of the most emotional discussions. Some gamers thought the boss battle, accompanied by insults from weapons, was quite funny. But others felt that the constant chatter mode was slightly annoying, distracting from the actual game process.

Of course, the development team listens carefully to the players' comments to create an exhilarating and interesting game. The long-awaited novelty will be released on December 13 this year as a special exclusive to the Xbox. Soon the game is expected to appear on other platforms. 


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