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A New Spin-Off Game The Division: Heartland and other Upcoming Expansions

a year ago
A New Spin-Off Game The Division: Heartland and other Upcoming Expansions

Recently, Ubisoft announced a new spin-off free-to-play game The Division: Heartland. It’s a standalone project that won’t be directly related to the titles from the main series. However, it takes place in the same universe and will show it from a new angle. The game will be released on Windows, consoles, and clouds in late 2021 or 2022. There is no much information about the upcoming project except Red Storm is a developer of the title. It’s famous studio developing games of various genres for over 20 years. In this way, such a fact may be a good sign of the quality of the upcoming game. It doesn’t clear what genre or setting will have the game, but it seems like it will cover the central land area of the United States. Nevertheless, it’s not the only exciting news for the Division community.

It’s not the freshest information, but the movie based on the first The Division is in development as well. The director of the future film is Rawson Marshall Thurber and the main roles are played by Jessica Chastain and Jake Gyllenhaal. The movie will be available on Netflix only and it will significantly expand the lore of the franchise.

Another good news for all the fans of The Division is the upcoming updating of the second game. Primarily, Ubisoft planned to finish providing any new content for the game back in 2020 that provoked outrage among the majority of the fans. However, lately, there was a new announcement that the new content will be provided at the end of 2021. New features will include a new game mode as well as changes and extending possibilities of building up a character. 

Also, the plot of The Division 2 will be continued in another upcoming project related to this universe – the new novel published at Aconyte. The story will tell about the state of different US regions during the Outbreak and how the agents deal with threats for the supply routes.

Among the upcoming games, there is a mobile title in the Division universe as well. Ubisoft hasn’t provided any details of this project yet. Usually, such franchises develop games for mobile devices to cover large audiences providing simple gameplay and interesting lore details to attract more people to the whole franchise. So, be ready for the promising expansion of the Division world. 

Ubisoft promises to give more information about all the upcoming projects soon. 


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