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New Apex Legends Bug Doesn't Save the Ranked Progress

a year ago
New Apex Legends Bug Doesn't Save the Ranked Progress

Recently, Apex Legends has been facing a lot of technical problems that spoil the gaming process for its fans. One of the latest bugs caused outrage among players on the majority of social media. The title doesn’t save the ranked progress of players. And worst of all, the community didn’t get a response from the developers yet.

Despite the Respawn Entertainment studio is actively working on the upcoming update for the title providing cross-playing features, the game still has a lot of issues that appear from time to time. For today, the official subreddit of Apex is full of indignant posts. A lot of players who achieved a new rank in the game have lost it after turning the title off. In this way, all the resentment is not unreasonable as all the effort and progress are senseless.

Besides the recent updates of the ranked progress bug, some users stated that it appeared previously as well. Players lost their progress, in the same way, this April. The community wants any shout-out from Respawn, so some of the players moved from Reddit to the official Twitter account of the company. However, they didn’t receive any news besides the developers are going to fix everything soon. The reason for the issue is still unknown.

Some fans suggest that the source of the problem may be an upcoming update of the title. Season 10 has already started and brought some novelties in the game including a new legend Seer. The hero has a lot of powerful skills that didn’t satisfy many players as such strength negatively affected the balance of the game. The developers are going to fix the balance, maps, and other peculiarities of the title which don’t perform well. For instance, the company revealed that it’s interested in reworking the most prominent sports of the title including Fragment and buff Bangalore. Moreover, they want to turn into a force cross-platform feature allowing a user to have a cross-platform account. Nevertheless, it’s already confirmed that the update won’t be released this year.   

Previously, Apex Legends had a strange bug allowing customers with high-rank play against users with significantly low ranks. In this way, some clients unfairly improve their stats while others couldn’t enjoy the game. As a result, the developers quickly fixed the issue and banned several thousand customers who have used this bug. Will they solve the current issue as fast and efficiently or not, it isn’t clear yet.


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