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New Patch For Knockout City Fixes Many Bugs

11 months ago
New Patch For Knockout City Fixes Many Bugs

Knockout City's fourth season began early this December. The dynamic game has received many innovations, however, there are also a lot of bugs, which greatly upset the fans of the title. However, the developers were not at a loss and have already released a patch that fixed the main problems.

For today, raw and unfinished games with terrible optimizations and a lot of bugs have become the norm. The gaming community expected Knockout City to become one of these games, as the beginning of the new season brought a lot of bugs to the title. Nevertheless, players are pleased with recent updates.

First of all, the studio fixed major gameplay problems. There were a lot of bugs related to simultaneous actions. Of course, such issues spoiled the game process a lot as it was impossible for a player to sprint and threw the ball. However, now this problem is fixed and game dynamics no longer suffer from this problem.

Some sly players could successfully increase their rank due to the bug. It wasn’t a really big problem as there were a few gamers who did such a trick, but nevertheless, the developers drew this issue to attention and fixed it. There was another issue related to the rank, some players have their rank reset to 1 and lost all the progress. There is no doubt that such a bug disappointed a lot of people. Fortunately, the studio fixed it and return the correct rank to the players.

Besides, the developers fixed the majority of other problems that negatively affected the game.

Knockout City is a sports action game set in the future where players take on the role of professional bouncers. However, this is not a long-standing in front of the club in an attempt to notice the wrong visitors, as you might think, but a full-fledged sport based on children's play. Users must participate in matches and "knock out" opponents in special arenas.

The key feature of the new season of Knockout City is the new UFO Crash Site map, which takes players to a farm hovering in the sky, which has become the site of several UFO wrecks. You can use a flying saucer to move between the rifts while keeping the ball charged.

In addition, four two-week events will take place in Knockout City over the coming months, each adding new game modes to the game and giving you the opportunity to claim unique rewards.

The developers have added a new "Blowout Pass". Players will be able to earn 100 new levels and themed rewards to boot. This will be followed by five weekly bounties, new holobucks bids, and more. Note that all content from previous Kick Passes will also be preserved.


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