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eFootball 2022 Update Is Delayed to November

a year ago
eFootball 2022 Update Is Delayed to November

A new free-to-play title eFootball 2022, which was announced as a successor of the famous PES series, became one of the biggest failures of this year. Konami planned to quickly release an update fixing the problems of the game, but it’s likely impossible to make it in such a short time.

According to the official Twitter of the developers of the title, the release of the update is postponed to this November. Konami hopes that this delay will allow them to make the update way too high-quality and efficient. Nevertheless, the reaction of gamers wasn’t that violent as the majority of players still can't get away from the release failure.

The majority of reviews of both players and critics are extremely. Gamers expected a lot of features that were promised by the developers. Besides, the title has weak graphics and numerous technical problems making it totally uncompetitive for today. In comparison, the previous latest PES games had predominantly positive reviews exceeding 70%.

The title was announced back in summer 2020. Firstly, it had to be a Pro Evolution Soccer game, but later the developers decided to restart the series. Konami demonstrated impeccable graphics and a lot of great features using the new Unreal Engine 4 instead of their old Fox Engine. The developers warned back in those days that the release version of the title wouldn’t unleash its potential and would be quite limited. Besides, they stated that new content will be added to the game step by step.

Nevertheless, it doesn’t seem that such an approach has any sense for this title right now. There are a lot of problems starting from the menu of the game and ending the overall mechanics, cutscenes, and so forth,

The problems of the game are so massive and considerable that it’s really hard to believe who the developers expected to fix them within a month. In general, the title has many advantages that make it theoretically better than its competitors. For example, it is shareware, does not require a purchase, and will be constantly updated with new content. This approach seems quite nice and affordable to the average player. Nevertheless, the general dampness of the game makes any advantages of it meaningless, since it’s impossible to play it. 

Perhaps, this delay will provide some opportunities for the developers to improve the whole state of the affairs. It won’t be surprising if Konami would decide to enlarge the update for a bigger time.


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