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Review of the New Crysis 4

2 years ago
Review of the New Crysis 4

It's been 15 years since the first Crysis was released. Even the most powerful PCs of that time couldn't cope with this game. And now, on January 27th Crytek announced the fourth installment of the legendary franchise. In the official blog, Crytek CEO Avni Yerli said that Crysis 4 is in the early stages of development.


Release Date

Currently, there is no information about the release date of Crysis 4, Yerli only said that the studio will publish more detailed information later when it can. But we know that the release of Crysis 4 is expected in 2023.


System Requirements

Unfortunately, the Crysis 4 system requirements aren't known yet. But if Crysis 4 is released in 2023, it will be a real test for Nvidia Ada Lovelace graphics cards (GeForce RTX 40), and it's not a fact that even the top GeForce RTX 4090 can display all the beautiful graphics, that will be implemented in Crysis 4.


Crysis 4 Platforms 

All parts of the game and their updates were released on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox, and the fourth part is no exception.


Each part of Crysis is a new test of the most powerful computers. And many players don't even hope to play this game first in high resolution, regardless of what kind of video card they have.


On PS4 Crysis 4 will be not available. But you can enjoy the perfect graphics of this game on PlayStation 5. 


On Xbox One, the second and third parts are available, but Crysis 4 will not be available. But on the latest version of the console, the game will be able to show what it can do.


The trailer 

Technically, the Crysis 4 trailer itself didn't mention the game series, but there is the number 4, and a nano suit helmet appears in the video for a moment. That's where the details end for now. But fans are hopeful and waiting for new releases from Crytek.



Crysis 4 gameplay is also not revealed. All we've seen is a very short trailer that gives subtle hints about the direction of the franchise, but no clear information yet. Hopefully, we'll see more later this year at Summer Games Fest.



Crytek, which has gained fame for playing games with the most advanced graphics, has published a video with a new version of its CryEngine 5.5. The new video is called Neon Noir, and according to the creators, it is calculated in real-time. To show the audience, the most advanced graphics in the video showed the journey of a police drone, which explores the recent crime scene in a futuristic city. This theme and environment allowed the creators of Neon Noir to fully leverage the variety of light sources and reflections in the frame to clearly show all the features and benefits of the new engine. Many players think that this technology will be used in graphics Crysis 4. 



As we can see, the game was announced recently and there is very little information about it. But from the previous experience, we can say that this game will be a leader in terms of technology and graphics quality. But not all the players will be able to enjoy it.


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