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Rainbow Six: Extraction review

11 months ago
Rainbow Six: Extraction review

In 2018, the multiplayer tactical shooter Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege launched a temporary Outbreak event. In it, operatives from the game teamed up against alien parasites. These were some fairly simple PvE missions in terms of mechanics, with a focus on shooting. But Ubisoft wanted to develop this idea into a separate project. So, four years later it was announced, Rainbow Six Extraction release date.


The storyline 

The plot remained the same, but the place of action has changed: the pockets of alien “slime” activated in America. The “slime” is a dark substance that gradually spreads and covers the entire surface. It also creates archaea, humanoid monsters that we must fight. The REACT unit calls operatives to their side to fight back against the infestation.

The team's main goal is to study the parasite. But Rainbow Six Extraction tries hard to be a serious game - the records of the archaea and the parasite in the local archive are collected in fairly voluminous lore, but unfortunately, it all has no development. Go on a raid, kill the archaea, collect data, swing a level, repeat - that's the whole point of Rainbow Six Extraction. And when you look at the list of available improvements to the appearance of fighters and find, for example, a cat's head or a bear suit, you forget about the purpose of all these “serious” operations.


Game Modes

Playing with friends, you can come up with your own game plan and distribute the roles. The MIA system also gives real relevance to every player's action. Although invasion in single-player is possible, Rainbow Six Extraction single-player is not fun to play. Operators die and go missing much more often, and the task of freeing a missing operator is almost impossible without dying if you are alone. That's why it's better to choose the fast game and fight with random players. But some players can simply ruin any strategy that Rainbow Six Extraction encourages. If you don't have two friends to play with, consider whether you're willing to put up with these problems.



The graphics in Rainbow Six Extraction are top-notch and among the best in their segment. But the graphics can't be called perfect either, but there is an excuse because the game has PvP-maintenance, and there the graphics can affect the performance. Very mesmerizing when the black substance in real-time covers the objects on the map. Occasionally, it's a little uncomfortable. In the end, the developers managed to keep a balance between graphics and performance, which is a rarity nowadays.


Platforms and Price

The game is already available on many platforms and everyone can play it. 

The list of all possible platforms:

• PC;

• PlayStation 4;

• PlayStation 5;

• Xbox One;

• Xbox Series S/X;

• Stadia;

• Amazon Luna.


On Rainbow Six Extraction pre-order you could save money and buy the game cheaper, but even now, Rainbow Six Extraction price is very satisfying.



Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Extraction emerged from the event for Siege. But now it is a separate game, which develops and gets better with each update. Furthermore, for the game, it is desirable to find two friends to fully immerse yourself in the atmosphere. Because the atmosphere in the game is not bad.


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