Gran Turismo 7 Single Player Requires Obligatory Internet Connection

a year ago
Gran Turismo 7 Single Player Requires Obligatory Internet Connection

Recently, the developers of the upcoming Gran Turismo game shared a lot of details about their game. They showed a great cinematic trailer and announced a lot of innovative features of the new game. Nevertheless, it was confirmed that even single-player mode will require a connection to the Internet.

It’s not clear how the Internet connection will be related to the single-player mode. However, summarizing all the provided facts, it seems like the titles are developed orienting on online gaming and even esports. It’s quite unusual compared with the previous games of the franchise. Perhaps, such a course of development led Polyphony Digital to make the Internet connection necessary.

According to Kazunori Yamauchi, the President of Polyphony Digital and creator of the Gran Turismo series, this game will include all the best features of the previous titles and provide a lot of unique features. It will impress anyone no matter if a player is a fan of the Japanese racing culture or not. Moreover, the title will include some features from old games that will please the old fans.

According to Kazunori, Polyphony Digital noticed that longtime players of the Gran Turismo series were eager for the return of GT Campaign, and now with the trailer, the studio hopes everyone can get a feel for the atmosphere of the new campaign mode. Returning to the origins of GT Campaign mode, players will start with the GT World map.

Players will be able to freely photograph their auto in 43 countries and more than 2,500 locations. Every moment captured can be shared with other races in the Scapes mode. The game can boast high-quality graphics and unbelievable changes of time and weather which were always a notable peculiarity of the series. Using a huge amount of meteorological observation data, the studio created a realistic nature that may impress any gamer.

Besides, in the future game players will face the comeback of several legendry maps including Trial Mountain and High-Speed Ring. The title will feature a lot of various autos and according to the developers, the main aim of the game is to collect more autos. Gamers can customize and tune their cars in different ways.

The release of the game was postponed to 2022. The current date of release now is March 4. Recall that in the previous generation players received only one game in the franchise - GT Sports.


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