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The Reveal of Future Far Cry 6 Game This Friday

2 years ago
The Reveal of Future Far Cry 6 Game This Friday

All the fans of Far Cry will receive a great pre-weekends gift from Ubisoft. Recently, they uploaded a short teaser with the announcement of the upcoming video. Ubi will show the gameplay video of their future title Far Cry 6 that will be released next year. Get ready to rid the island of a tyrant! 

This video will be pretty significant due to several important points. First of all, the new title will have a new completely different setting compared with previous parts of the franchises. It will keep open-world, but it will be much more urbanistic. Secondly, we have a little information about the game. However, it all comes down to lots of new features. The main conflict of the title is fighting against the local government, so the main hero will take part in a guerilla war. Something unusual for Far Cry. Also, some time ago it was revealed that there will be an option to recruit an animal that may help a player during the fighting. Consequently, the interaction with the open world will be one of the features of the title.

There is no information about the plot of the game. Almost all the facts we have now are based on the trailer and some phrases from Navid Khavari, who is responsible for the storytelling of the title. Players will appear in a Cuba-inspired island called Yara. The main antagonist, Anton Castillo, is a tyrant who plans to make his country great again and leave as the successor to his son Diego. Nevertheless, dictatorship and a terrible crisis couldn’t be ignored that led to a citizen revolution. It seems like we will have a big role in this rebellion. 

Despite there are not a lot of facts about the title, it has a lot of attention and interest from the fans. Of course, the main reason is that Far Cry is a popular franchise that has been demanded for many years. However, another hype is the main villain. Almost every game in the series has a great antagonist, but this time Ubisoft decided to surpass themselves and involved Giancarlo Esposito, famous for playing many great roles including Gus Fring from Breaking Bad. The actor looks great in the trailer creating the impression of an overbearing tyrant who will do anything for his success.

Ubi was going to release the new Far Cry in winter 2021. Unfortunately, the COVID situation had slowed down the development of the game and now the release is delayed to next year. However, during this time the title may become more improved and well-developed.


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