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Overwatch 2 Bastion: Super Jumps

a year ago
Overwatch 2 Bastion: Super Jumps

Details about the legendary Overwatch 2 have finally become known

Blizzard said that Bastion has undergone some changes that will certainly please users. Indeed, in the comments, gamers expressed their approval. The fact is that players will be able to appreciate the benefits of a new grenade, which allows you to make a steep jump to previously inaccessible gaming locations.

You can shoot a grenade into the air, and when the weapon reloads and the explosives fall to the ground, fire another grenade that will explode right at your feet. This explosion will allow your hero to fly up and move to previously inaccessible places. This exciting feature will be available to gamers as part of a new beta that will see the world on June 28th. Some changes have also been made to the cooldown of the grenade. Now it has been reduced from ten seconds to eight. The trick is gorgeous and opens up new gaming opportunities for you.

Enjoy the awesome Overwatch 2 shooter, its great graphics, animations, and super special effects. We look forward to innovations. And the wait is not long: a little less than a month.


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