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Overwatch 2 Beta Update: Mercy's Supers

8 months ago
Overwatch 2 Beta Update: Mercy's Supers

Blizzard has noticed that there are great chances for hero abilities this time: Symmetra and Mercy. As you know, the second stage of beta testing of the legendary game is now in full swing. The company was inspired to change the players' comments, voiced during the beta testing of new items.

It turned out that Symmetra did not match the updated intensive pace of the game. The charge time becomes significantly less, and the size of the secondary attack, on the contrary, increases. In addition, the teleport time has been reduced this time.

Symmetra, according to the developers, is already a  strong hero, and there is a danger that the new changes will give him too strong an advantage over other characters. For now, this is just beta testing. What changes in the final result will be fixed in the game is still unclear. And a lot here depends on gamers, who are sensitively listened to by developers.

In the initial beta version of the game, the ability of the Mercy-Guardian Angel was changed significantly. It happened by chance that when Mercy jumps at the moment of the ability's action at the indicated time, she famously flies up. Now, this ability will not allow the heroine to make a super jump, but the counter will fill up. And this charge of the counter will determine the power of the jump.

The Guardian Angel will give the heroine the mobility she needs, without which it will not be easy to survive in the game. So, Mercy's Super Jump in Overwatch 2's legendary new release was the result of a bug, but players appreciated its benefits. The company decided to make several changes. But the company generally agreed to make the occasional mistake a part of the game.


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