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Overwatch 2: Post-Beta Changes to Mercy and Moira

5 months ago
Overwatch 2: Post-Beta Changes to Mercy and Moira

Not so long ago, beta testing of the chic shooter Overwatch 2 ended. Gamers actively expressed their opinions, which are taken into account by Blizzard for subsequent changes.

Note Moira's super ability "Necrotic Sphere".

Taking into account the feedback from the players, the developers decided to abandon the previously introduced innovations. In general, the gameplay of the heroine turned out to be too passive. After all, this super powerful ability required a long recovery period. So the players tried to save the super ability and leave it until the best moment. And this, alas, led to a reduction in the number of interesting game situations. So the company decided that the Necrotic Orb and other related innovations will be removed by the beginning of the battles of the Overwatch League, which is expected on August 11th.

As for the heroine Mercy, her unique ability to make a super jump, which was excluded earlier, will remain in the game. This jump fits perfectly into the gameplay. At first, it was not perfect. But after some refinement, the company decided to leave this ability to the delight of the fans. At the moment, beta testing of the game novelty is being carried out. And players can express their assumptions, comments, and wishes.


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