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Patch 2.5 adds terror zones and unique neutralization talismans to “Diablo 2 Resurrected”

6 months ago
Patch 2.5 adds terror zones and unique neutralization talismans to “Diablo 2 Resurrected”

On September 22nd, developer Blizzard released a new patch for Diablo 2 Resurrected, featuring talismans with a unique neutralization effect and amazing “Terror Zones”. The update perfectly prepares the game content for the 2nd season, the release date of which, as you know, is scheduled for October 6th. Several interesting innovations will appear in the gaming novelty.

The test version of the update was installed on special PTR servers. At the end of the summer, players could already get acquainted with “Terror Zones”. Fans of the game are looking forward to when the new product will be available not for beta testers only, but for all other players.

The launch of the horror zones attracted particular attention from the gaming community. They will be locations already known to the players, which turn into special “Terror Zones” for one hour. Monsters will become even stronger. And victory in such difficult conditions will bring players to experience points. To find such a zone in time, watch out for the following points: indicators on the map, a sound signal, red lighting, or a notification in the form of text. The company's website posted a list of locations that periodically turn into “Terror Zones.”

It should also be noted the presence of neutralization charms. Unique talismans can neutralize the immunity of monsters against phenomena such as magic, fire, lightning, and so on. After applying the charm, the enemy's resistance will be drastically reduced -  up to 95%.

This update also contains several bug fixes. For example, the changes affected the gameplay. We are looking forward to the gaming novelty. We are sure it will not be boring!


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