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Patch 6.2 for "Final Fantasy 14" along with Island Sanctuary can be seen at the end of August

5 months ago
Patch 6.2 for

Soon you will see a lot of game content in Patch 6.2 for the legendary game Final Fantasy 14. It's just under two weeks away from its release.

Company producer Naoki Yoshida once again addressed the fans of the game. He noted that the next big update will take place on August 23rd. He also told the players about the unique Island Sanctuary feature and other combat challenges. The spectacular trailer made an impression on the fans.

So, you will see the next chapter of the Pandemonium raid, and the quest of the main scenario will continue along with the side one.

Square Enix will continue to supply the Island Sanctuary every couple of months. So staying on a tiny island will become even more exciting.

In patch 6.2, you can find interesting PvP updates, as well as see new dungeons. The content of the main Heavensward scenario is also planned to be improved.

There are also interesting quests to improve weapons in a major update 6.25, which can be seen a little later.

Recall that the game Final Fantasy 14 is an exciting online role-playing novelty, available in multiplayer mode.

The game takes place on the amazing planet Heidelin, which is divided into three continents. Here you will meet representatives of different races and see many cities. You will surely appreciate the high-quality graphics and animation and get the most out of the gameplay.


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