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Fake Bans For Splinter Cell: Blacklist Players

a year ago
Fake Bans For Splinter Cell: Blacklist Players

An unknown user introduced themselves as a Ubisoft employee, threatening to ban players from Splinter Cell: Blacklist.

Although more than 8 years have passed since the premiere of Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Blacklist, the game still has its loyal fans. Unfortunately, the game servers have problems that are still being reported to Ubisoft. One scammer decided to publicize the matter by impersonating a support representative.

The whole thing happened through the production support forum. Recently, a pinned thread appeared there in which allegedly a support employee warns players reporting Splinter Cell servers.

And then the author of the fake publication stated that all users trying to complain about the lack of support may face a ban for a week. They wrote that during this period, players will not be able to buy anything via the Ubisoft store, use the Ubisoft website and accounts, and also to the Ubisoft Connect client. But it still will be possible to play offline. Customer support will not be able to remove this ban.

And if the users did not stop complaining about the issues, then they may be banned forever. Many players, of course, received such treatment negatively. Internet forums became full of posts discussing such a situation. Many players stated that it has much more sense to play the pirate version of the game now.

The post lasted 24 hours on the forum, after which Ubisoft removed it. The company announced that it was written not by them but on behalf of some attacker who does not belong to the studio at all. At the same time, those responsible for the comments of the players were banned. Ubisoft drew attention to the problem when the technical support mail was inundated with an unprecedented number of emails from doubled users.

The text was really very well written, which obviously confused the players and most likely confused the company itself. However, the misunderstanding has been resolved. Perhaps this will serve as a reason for the studio to release some kind of updates for the game as compensation. As it is known, the company doesn’t care too much about the game and its franchise too much right now giving the most of its attention to more recent projects.

Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Blacklist is multi-platform stealth third-person action video game. It was released back in 2013. The game was acclaimed pretty well by both players and critics. For today, it’s the last game of the Splinter Cell franchise.


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