Dynasty Warriors Producer Wills To Make A Star Wars

7 months ago
Dynasty Warriors Producer Wills To Make A Star Wars

Dynasty Warriors lead producer Akihiro Suzuki has stated that he is interested in making a Musou title based on Star Wars. According to the producer, questions about what kind of franchise they would like to work on are often discussed in his team.

Suzuki says his team is looking at many popular franchises and ideas. At the moment, his favorite idea is a Musou-style Star Wars crossover. There are many Musou-titles using settings of various famous franchises. The main feature of such a style of game is a big number of enemies within one battle area. Some players consider such a genre more passable and frivolous, but there are many hits as well. According to Suzuki, the majority of notable Star Wars fighting features would feature great a Musou-style game.

Akihiro also plans to expand and incriminate projects from the Dynasty Warriors franchise. Previously, Koei Tecmo has asked fans of Dead or Alive and Dynasty Warriors not to send gifts and chocolates on Valentine's Day this year. The restriction is due to the coronavirus pandemic. This is stated in the statement of the studio.

The company explained that most Koei Tecmo employees are now working remotely. Therefore, in order to avoid problems with the delivery of gifts, as well as to protect the health of employees, fans are asked to refrain from any gifts that were traditionally sent on Valentine's Day to their office in the name of the characters or the authors of the titles themselves. Fans of the Koei Tecmo games agreed with the restrictions and expressed hope that the tradition of sending gifts and chocolates would return in the future.

Besides other updates related to Star Wars, EA recently announced the development of three new Star Wars titles from Respawn Entertainment. Among them is a sequel to the famous Jedi Fallen Order.

Among the upcoming releases is a first-person shooter in the Star Wars universe. The game promises to be worthy as the development team includes Peter Hirschmann, a co-creator of the legendary Medal of Honor. His works include such hits as original Battlefront games, The Force Unleashed, and many others.

The last game among the future releases is a strategy developed by Bit Reactor. Bit Reactor is a new studio, but it consists of numerous gaming veterans from XCOM and Firaxis Games.

Recently, Quantic Dream revealed the development of Star Wars Eclipse. The studio gained a lot of success for their extremely successful Detroit and Heavy Rain, so there is no doubt Eclipse will have a perfect plot. According to the developers, the main inspiration for their future game was The Last of Us. Sounds pretty fresh for this cosmic odyssey.


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