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Project L Will Be Released No Earlier Than 2023

2 years ago
Project L Will Be Released No Earlier Than 2023

The leaders of Riot Games, Tom, and Tony Cannon revealed some new details on Project L, a future fighting title set in the League of Legends universe.

Previously, the game was shown around three years ago. At that time, the title was at the R&D stage, and by now the developers have approved the main ideas and genre of their project. According to the revealed details, Project L is a fighting game in which a player controls a team of 2 different characters. In the presented gameplay trailer, the Cannon showed brothers the gameplay of several heroes including Ekko, Darius, Ari, Jinx. Compared to the 2019 show, you can see the updated graphics and new mechanics.

The team clarified that the gameplay video shown is a so-called "vertical cut". Riot Games created it to finalize the project, before embarking on full development and content: characters, arenas, and so on.

Each of the users will choose a team of two fighters and change them during a fight. This will allow for effective hit combinations. For example, a fresh video shows how Ekko was able to throw Jinx into the air. He was then replaced by Ari, who began delivering a series of swift kicks and her magic balls. At the same time, the enemy could not do anything until he sank to the ground.

The developers noted that one of the highest priorities during creating Project L for the team is the best technological development of the game that can be in a title of this genre. Will the studio show the same proficiency as with their popular MOBA game? Most likely yes!

Project L will be based on the predictive method. Besides, the developers use some Riot Games' technologies that are already presented in their games. Such a feature will allow reducing ping for most gamers. The goal is to ensure that online and offline players do not see the difference in response.

It is reported that the development has made "considerable progress", but "Project L" will not be released until 2023. In 2022, fans will have at least several portions of news about the game. The first is at the beginning of the second half of the year.

The upcoming title is much anticipated by many fans of the League of Legends universe. Apparently, the studio has decided to seriously expand its series, because the recently released Arcane series received extremely positive reviews. There is a good chance that Riot Games will release a lot more interesting content during the development of Project L to delight fans and ease their anticipation.


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