PUBG: Battlegrounds Update 19.2 - improved animations and new vehicles

11 days ago
PUBG: Battlegrounds Update 19.2 - improved animations and new vehicles

The studio has presented PUBG: Battlegrounds fans with a long-awaited update in which you will see the chic McLaren's vehicles, and improved animation. You will appreciate the high variability of weather conditions in Deston (new location).

This update will be remembered by gamers as a successful collaboration between the studio and supercar manufacturer McLaren. As you know, the company working on the game's creation actively interacts with various leading brands to make the gameplay even more interesting. And the fans appreciate those efforts. The improved supercars from McLaren Automotive appear before the gamers. We advise you to go in search of special caches, where you will find many interesting in-game items. Here you can also earn emojis, purchase equipment, and so on. Note that skins will not affect the features of the vehicle. However, they will add variety to the gameplay. Players are also allowed to create skins in the Vehicle Workshop. So, go in search of great McLaren skins. By the way, the updates don't stop there.

A new location called Deston has been added to the novelty. Here you will see a food truck. You will also be pleased with the high variability of weather conditions, various lighting elements, etc. The studio, fortunately,  fulfilled its promises to the players regarding the improvement of animation. PUBG: Battlegrounds has a lot to offer players.


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