Quantic Dream Works On A Star Wars Game For More Than a Year

a year ago
Quantic Dream Works On A Star Wars Game For More Than a Year

According to the famous blogger Tom Henderson, Quantic Dream develops a new Star Wars title. Furthermore, one of the news about the unconfirmed project was liked by the official Twitter account of the studio.

In a note for the DualShockers portal, blogger Tom Henderson, who had repeatedly leaked the correct information about Call of Duty and Battlefield to the Internet before the official announcements, said that he found out about the next game from the creators of Detroit and Heavy Rain from his own trusted sources.

Initially, Henderson hinted at this with a picture on his Twitter, and later drew attention to a similar message from the leading French YouTube channel - he said that after the end of the contract with Sony, the developers entered into a deal with Disney. According to the blogger, he received his details from a person who has presented convincing evidence that they have contacts in Quantic Dream. The source stated that the company has been working on the Star Wars game for about a year and a half. No more details related to the project were provided.

In addition, it was noticed that the official Twitter account of QD liked the message of the site TheGamePost about this project. Later, the like was removed that’s even more suspicious. However, no official confirmation has appeared yet. Major publications like VGC and Eurogamer also reported this information, but at the moment have not been able to confirm it through their sources. Nevertheless, such rumors look pretty realistic considering the long-time silence from the studio.

Quantic Dream is best known for the cinematic story games Detroit: Become Human, Beyond: Two Souls, and Heavy Rain, which were among the main exclusives on the Play Station consoles. After 2018, the developers did not announce new projects and were only engaged in porting their games to the PC. Now the company is not bound by contracts with Sony, and new projects will obviously come out on all platforms. On the other hand, the studio has actively collaborated with Epic, and on PC the new project may be released exclusively on the Epic Games Store.

Previously, Disney itself has announced its readiness for broader cooperation with third-party game companies, both with indie and AAA studios. Among other things, the Sea of Thieves developers have dedicated a major update to the Pirates of the Caribbean crossover, and Ubisoft Massive, known for The Division, is working on the Star Wars open-world game.


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