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Rainbow Six Siege Year 7 Season 3: Some Great New Features

5 months ago
Rainbow Six Siege Year 7 Season 3: Some Great New Features

Finally, interesting details of Operation Brutal Swarm have emerged. On August 21, developer Ubisoft revealed the details of changes to the tactical shooter. So, you will see new assistive gadgets and recoil schemes, and equipment changes. Watch the gorgeous video trailer that is simply breathtaking. Dangerous, insect-like drones can easily disable enemies. And the cool new operative Grim has the opportunity to sneak up unnoticed and attack the enemy. Explosives Expert (1 Health, 3 Speed) belongs to the Special Forces of the Singapore Navy. He has in stock - the primary weapon 552 Commando, the unique gadget Kawan Hive Launcher and much more. Note that Kawan Launcher is an excellent device for finding enemies.

They are introducing the Impact EMP Grenade. As you know, the usual EMP Grenade first falls, rolls, and only then explodes. An Impact EMP Grenade detonates instantly upon hitting the floor or wall. These grenades have impeccable accuracy.

 The weapon recoil scheme has been significantly redesigned. The changes affected SMG, AR, LMG, and so on.

So, in this shooter you have a lot of opportunities: capture the enemy's territory, using the heaviest weapons and various modern devices. Apply different defense and attack options, find opponents wherever they hide and win the most dangerous battles.

And several updates were in a System for evaluating players. Online battles will now become more comfortable. After all, players who violate the rules of behavior in the chat will be suspended.

The highly anticipated Season 3 of YEAR7 "BRUTAL SWARM" will be released on the test server on August 23rd JST and on the live server on September 7th.


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