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Dataminers Have Discovered Several New Multiplayer Modes In Halo Infinite

a year ago
Dataminers Have Discovered Several New Multiplayer Modes In Halo Infinite

An alleged list of multiplayer modes for the full version of Halo Infinite has surfaced online. The information was shared by a Reddit user with the nickname WichedSoldier991, who managed to launch a network game in offline mode. An interesting fact is that the modes were still announced by the developers of the title.

The user noted that the list was clearly not intended for the public, as the assets are accompanied by large words "Not final version, replace before release". Presumably, the modes themselves will remain, but the names may still change.

Users suggested that some of the modes will be in the rotation, like the one that appeared in the beta version of Fiesta: Slayer, in which players appear with random weapons. Nevertheless, the developers didn’t comment on the leak yet, so there is no new official information.

Halo Infinite has already received a lot of positive feedback from both players and critics. Most critics enjoyed playing Halo Infinite, so the game has excellent marks. They note the epic scale of the plot and the friendliness for different generations of gamers and minimal bugs.

Halo Infinite is a sequel to the Guardians and at the same time a soft relaunch of the franchise with new characters. In the center of the plot is again the Master Chief, who has to find out what happened to his partner Cortana.

In Infinite, for the first time in the series, elements of the open-world were introduced, since the player can independently choose tasks in the Zeta Halo, as well as perform side activities such as clearing enemy bases and collecting boxes for upgrading skills.

Halo Infinite is a highly discussed topic on numerous gaming forums. Players noted The open world, which is a giant combat sandbox, a fairly smart enemy AI, whose behavior depends on the context, and systemic mechanics, thanks to which random game situations arise. Moreover, players loved the updated arsenal with many new weapons, the grappling hook makes the Chief, memorable and intense boss battles, picturesque environments, and much more. However, some gamers drew attention to the weakness of the plot and the monotony of the weapon.

At the start of Infinite, there will be no familiar co-op and The Forge constructor mode. They are planned to be added later in 2022. Shareware multiplayer became available on November 15 on PC and Xbox.


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