Ranked Play In New Call of Duty Will Be Added In 2022

2 years ago
Ranked Play In New Call of Duty Will Be Added In 2022

The new part of the legendary Call of Duty series will release soon and is already available to preorder. However, the developers of the game have already upset some players as the ranked play will be available only next year.

The developers of the game confirmed that the system of ranked games will be taken to a completely different level. However, this will only happen in 2022. At the moment, it is known about the appearance of a visual display of the skill rating, as well as competitive rewards. The rest of the details of the mode will be revealed in the course of its development.

The game will be available to purchase on November 5. Nevertheless, the owners of consoles can make a preorder right now! The title is subtitled Vanguard and the setting will again set players to World War II. There is already a lot of information about the shooter on the net.

Players will visit pre-war Stalingrad, will fight in North Africa, and even find themselves in the Pacific Ocean. The geography of the shooter has different climatic zones and missions. The title will bring some new and unusual experiences for CoD fans. For example, during the mission in Stalingrad, a player will find the city literally in a matter of moments before the attack of the Nazi army.

The game has the same engine as Modern Warfare 2019. Nevertheless, it has been heavily modified. The developers tried to rely on the detailed destructibility of the environment and how a player can use it in battle. The place of the battle in online battles changes beyond recognition at the end of the match, since most of the objects on the map are destructible. The game will use new anti-cheat as well.

Besides, it was confirmed that the zombie mode is back! Moreover, there is a leaked video on the Internet showing 20 minutes of some mission of this mode. Vanguard will continue the story of the walking dead from the Cold War bring a lot of new features to players. According to the video, a player will have a chance to change locations passing the mission.

Vanguard's integration with Warzone will take place on December 2, when the first season of shooters will begin and a general progress line will appear for Modern Warfare, Black Ops Cold War, Vanguard, and Warzone. Buyers of the latest version of the game will also be able to explore the new Battle Royale map 24 hours before the rest.


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