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Remake of the Dead Space will have an uninterrupted storyline

a year ago
Remake of the Dead Space will have an uninterrupted storyline

Remake of Dead Space will be similar to God of War, only the type of shooting and storyline type. According to the team at the publisher of the remaster, the new game offers an uninterrupted experience, something like the game of God of War.

Cut-scenes will take place from one camera and quickly transition into the perspective of the player himself. God of War showed how to do it beautifully and correctly, but Campos-Oriola explains that Dead Space will be able to show a smoother effect and that current computer systems can do it.

The single-shot approach effect is not only a visual solution it has a purpose. Game producer Phillipe Ducharme explained that the goal of this approach is to get players to hold on to the controller and lose track of time. That is, they will be completely immersed in the game until the credits start and the game ends.

While the studio is making its changes, art director Mike Yazijian said that the main source of inspiration is to see the original Dead Space correctly, and the team behind the remaster makes sure that the game is made with respect to the original project. They are confident that the game will remain relevant for the current generation.

The Dead Space remake was announced back in July on EA Play. The main developer of Motive draws on those behind the original game and involves them in the development. Also, cut material will appear in the remaster, which was not present due to technical limitations. The release date has yet to be officially revealed, but EA planning on 2022.


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