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Return to Monkey Island sees "Uncharted 4" creative director cameo

6 months ago
Return to Monkey Island sees

N. Druckmann, as it turned out, really voices a minor character in the new game. While playing Return to Monkey Island, gamers noticed something amazing, namely the unexpected appearance of the creative director of the famous adventure games "The Last of Us" and "Uncharted 4". Detecting his appearance proved a difficult task. Gamers had doubts until they found the developer's name in the game's credits. And soon, all doubts were dispelled by the message Neil himself on Twitter. The game director sincerely thanked the game creators for allowing him to achieve "the highest goal in life." Attached to the tweet was a screenshot of a playable character, likely voiced by the creative director.

Also, note that the game director repeatedly expressed sincere admiration for the entire team working on the game, and left rave reviews on Twitter. So, the long-awaited adventure novelty "Return to Monkey Island" (the sixth of the entire series) was released on September 19th on Nintendo Switch and PC. According to the developers, the game is a nostalgic, reckless adventure that gamers won't want to miss.


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