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Rockstar Is Going To Celebrate GTA III Anniversary in GTA Online

a year ago
Rockstar Is Going To Celebrate GTA III Anniversary in GTA Online

The fresh announcement of the upcoming remaster Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition surprised all the fans of the popular franchise. Nevertheless, the long-awaited rereleases of the favorite games are not the only surprise prepared by Rockstar. According to the latest news, gamers will meet some old fans from the previous games in GTA Online.

Lately, Rockstar announced that GTA Online will be updated with some new content at the end of this month. They hinted that the characters and items of the upcoming adventures are already familiar to players, so everybody’s excited with a chance to meet some famous heroes from the 3-D trilogy. Although the developers provided no additional information, the fans expect to find something related to GTA III as soon there will be the twentieth anniversary of the title.

On the other hand, it could be some characters from the original GTA V game and only some items would be a reference to GTA III. The fans of the franchise and its lore are actively speculating on social media platforms about the upcoming updates. The developers provided the recommendation for players to keep checking out the site of the game, so some official updates will be announced soon.

It has been rumored for months that Rockstar has been working on remasters of the GTA games from the 2000s which made the franchise a top flagman of the gaming development even for today. For today, players know the rumors are true. These three projects will be updated including graphics and gameplay. Besides, the games will be available for smartphones as well.

According to information from one of the UK game stores, the company will be purchasing the new GTA The Definitive Edition for the price of a modern AAA blockbuster title. Perhaps it may be a good sign confirming the excellent quality of remastered titles. According to media reports, the release of the remaster of the Grand Theft Auto trilogy in physical media may take place on December 7.

Nevertheless, there are still no official prices or the release date for the upcoming games. Players expected the release before the end of the year. It was confirmed that the trilogy will be available on the majority of modern consoles, and PC. Later, the company will release versions for mobile devices. According to the studio, the players are waiting for high-quality graphics and adapted gameplay.


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