RPG Sea of Stars will be released in the summer of 2023

a year ago
RPG Sea of Stars will be released in the summer of 2023

So, the release of the excellent role-playing game Sea of Stars will take place in the coming year's summer. Recall that earlier, the developer company Sabotage Studio stated that the game would appear on Christmas 2022. Then the novelty was intended to be released in 2023 but did not specify the details.

So, the news about the game's upcoming release in the summer of 2023 was announced at Nintendo's week-long winter indie showcase. Gamers saw luxurious footage of the game, which shows how the game characters cross the river in the dead of night, and then magnificent waterfalls appear. Judging by the frames, the animation and graphics of the game will be great.

By the way, Yasunori Mitsuda, a well-known composer who created music for famous games, among which Smash Bros.

Recall that Sea of Stars is a popular retro turn-based role-playing game made in the style of a 16-bit classic. The video game was released by the company known for creating the spectacular action game The Messenger.

According to the company's representatives, they tried to improve the traditional role-playing game through storytelling, exploration of turn-based combat, and interaction with the environment while paying tribute to the nostalgia for past games. 


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