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Genshin Impact Guide

2 years ago
Genshin Impact Guide

Genshin Impact is a free, cross-platform game. The game brings together players from mobile devices, current generation consoles, and desktop computers. The developers were inspired by the legendary Breath of the Wild, borrowing the graphical appearance, gameplay features, and open world. But the open world has a disadvantage - Genshin Impact is literally overloaded with additional activities, secrets, that are easy to miss. So for your convenience, below is a very detailed Genshin Impact guide.



As you progress through Genshin Impact, monster levels increase, and you may feel like you are dealing less and less damage. The reason is that keeping your characters and weapons level is only half the battle: you'll also need some powerful artifacts.

In Genshin Impact artifacts have a basic characteristic that changes either randomly or depending on the type of artifact. This increases as the Artifact level increases, and at certain levels, it will gain random secondary characteristics that do not change.



The guides play an important role in the game. They help improve your character.

Guide to Freedom

Is material for raising the level of talent. You can get it in Forsaken Rift. But it's not that easy, you can get a guide to freedom Genshin Impact only on Monday, Thursday, and Sunday.

Guide to Resistance

The Windy City is famous for its resistance. The inhabitants rebelled to give the people of Mondstadt the freedom they now enjoy.

Guide to Resistance Genshin Impact is another material to upgrade your talent level. You can find it in Forsaken Rift. Like the other guides, they can be found on certain days.

Guide to Ballad

The poetry of the Land of the Winds is a manifestation of the will to encourage.

Guide to Ballad Genshin Impact - This material is needed to boost your talent and can be found in Forsaken Rift, on Sunday, Wednesday, and Saturday.



In Genshin Impact's guide wishes play an important role. There are three different banners on which you can make wishes, depending on what you want to get. There is the "Character Event Wish," the "Weapon Event Wish," and the "Wanderer's Calling," a permanent standard banner. The "Character Event" and "Weapon Event" banners are temporary and interchangeable.


Leveling Up

In Genshin Impact leveling up can be done with resources. And the game allows you to improve each character, but there's no need to spend resources on characters you won't need in the future. It's better to pump up characters that will be relevant throughout the game.


Barbara Hangout in Genshin Impact

If you want to play the Genshin Impact Barbara hangout, you will have to work hard to unlock it. You will have to reach rank 26 as an adventurer and complete the Archon's quest.


Genshin Impact Noelle Hangout

Our Genshin Impact Noelle hangout guide will help you unlock this event. You will need to get the Prologue Act III and 2 story keys to do so.


How To Reroll in Geshin Impact

To get Reroll in Genshin Impact you must go to the wish screen where the banners will appear. They represent different sets of characters and weapons. The Details button will show you the odds of each character or weapon and which weapon or character is included in each pack. These sets cost one fate Familiarity. 


Event Guide

The events Genshin Impact creates a real sense of life. Of course, another great thing that makes the game fresh and interesting is the constant stream of exciting events. It's easy to join events, but they happen so often that you might accidentally miss one, so look for event calendars online.



To sum it all up, Genshin Impact is not a very difficult game. But for some players it's hard to understand, that's why we wrote a Genshin Impact beginner guide. But now we hope you have a lot fewer questions about the game.


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