Screenshots of Splatoon 3 revealed

a year ago
Screenshots of Splatoon 3 revealed

The players are delighted with the news that the developers threw to the fans of the game. Many wonder what exactly is shown in the picture. But there are no answers, and there are only many mysteries that have yet to be solved. Shooter game, a video game with amazing special effects and graphics Splatoon 3 will see the world on September 9th this year. On Twitter, the creators of the game published three interesting screenshots, lifting the veil of secrecy over the features of the plot.

In the fantastic space of Alterna, mysterious structures of unusual shapes have appeared. What is it? This is what the explanation for the screenshots looks like, in which statues and interesting images of a fantasy world can be seen in the distance. The bright character of the game inkling looks thoughtfully into the distance. Something of an amazing vague shape is of particular interest.

One Inkling had a bottle of Liberty on his back. In the comments began to discuss the find.

On September 9, it will finally be possible to get answers to all the questions that torment the players. Everyone is looking forward to a bright novelty that tells about amazing adventures. An excellent shooter is available on the Nintendo Switch console. An interesting plot and beautiful graphics will not let you get bored.


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