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Sea of ​​Thieves Pirate Season 8: Exciting PvP Activities

4 months ago
Sea of ​​Thieves Pirate Season 8: Exciting PvP Activities

There is great news for pirate video game fans. The eighth season of the pirate video game Sea of ​​Thieves brings exciting new adventures, a port city, an updated faction system, and several innovations. The fans became aware of this after the publication of a video that slightly opens the veil of secrecy over future gaming events. As it seemed, in the game it would be possible to visit the port city “Golden Sands”, improve your ship using various game features, and evaluate the unique faction system. But in general, this season will focus on PvP battles. So for those who expected such activities, good times have come.

Using the Hourglass of Fate, located on the captain's table of your ship, you can choose one of two factions. By the way, if the team votes for the battle on the Military map. Then your ship can dive under the water to take the enemy by surprise.

Note that the eighth season of the long-awaited pirate game, which was released in 2018, starts on November 22, on Tuesday. Sea of ​​Thieves is an exciting adventure video game with elements of action, fighting, and shooter, which was developed by Rare and has gained great popularity. 


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