Something New in Starfield - Photo Mode

a year ago
Something New in Starfield - Photo Mode

Did you miss the space adventures and amazing battles of the future?

In the video trailer, gamers saw a great innovation - the photo mode shown after the second minute of the video. The long-awaited game was demonstrated at the last Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase. On the screen, you can see excellent battles, vast outer spaces, and a new amazing world of the 24th century.

The trailer also features interesting characters, and we draw your attention to the detailed details of graphics and animation. Suddenly, the protagonist pulls out a scanning device, and on the user interface at the very bottom of the screen, a hint for photo mode turns on. Players appreciated this innovation. And it is extremely interesting what else developers will please gamers? Note also that this is the first Bethesda Games Studio game to feature this feature.

In the video shown to the players, you can enjoy gorgeous views, battles of spaceships, and so on. A delightful action movie has prepared an unforgettable adventure for fans. The sci-fi story is also about the fascinating exploration of the environment. We don’t know what else the developers have prepared for gamers, but it won’t be boring! 


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