Sony Develops a Lot of Upcoming Games Including Unannounced Yet Ones

a year ago
Sony Develops a Lot of Upcoming Games Including Unannounced Yet Ones

In the last interview for Wire, which was given lately by Hermen Hulst, there are more than twenty titles in development. Nevertheless, not each of them will be a blockbuster or AAA game. There are a lot of completely new standalone projects not related to famous franchises.

Not much is known about any particular plans of the PlayStation Studios. Hulst was very careful and didn’t provide any precise information or announcements. The studio still develops confirmed titles such as Horizon Zero Dawn and Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, the release of them is already delayed the next year. In this way, any new releases, especially of some unrevealed projects, won’t be soon.

An interesting fact that was stated during the interview is that Sony will cooperate with outside development studios. It means that the development of the first-party and third-party studious projects can run simultaneously. The corporation has a pretty successful experience in such a partnership publishing a title called Returnal. Developed by the Finish studio Housemarque, it earned critical acclaim and appreciation among players. 

Among other third-party studious cooperating with Sony can be Ember Lab. It’s an independent game development studio that has already worked with Sony Interactive Entertainment developing Kena: Bridge of Spirits. The game will be released this year and it is going to impress players with its great plot, Disney-influenced graphic design, and many other ambitious features. The studio established itself as very promising with such interesting debut work.  

Also, it was confirmed that among the upcoming Sony titles will be games from Haven Studios and Firewalk Studios. The first studio is founded by Jade Raymond, famous for producing such popular franchises as Assassin’s Creed and Watch Dogs. There is no confirmed information about the project the studio develops. The second studio is led by Tony Hsu and it develops an online game that will start a completely new franchise. The majority of employees working in these studious are experienced game developers who have worked on big projects, so it seems that their future projects will be high-quality and successful.

There are a lot of rumors of what games are in development by Sony. It was confirmed that PS5 will have maximum exclusives comparing with any other consoles.    



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