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Fresh Updates Of The Upcoming Game Keylocker

a year ago
Fresh Updates Of The Upcoming Game Keylocker

Recently, the main developer of the future video game Keylocker Nana Moon revealed some interesting details related to the title. According to the latest interview with Moon, the game is going to be pretty unusual for the modern gaming market.

Keylocker is followed with numerous features making it interesting to players even if there is not much available information about the game. First of all, the developer is making the game without any producers or any other parties which may somehow influence the development. All the budget of the project was collected via Kickstarter and this October the sum almost reached $60,000.  Secondly, the unique idea and concept of the game. The developers are sure that such a direction of the project scares away all the investors and publishers. Nevertheless, he thinks that this is what will attract players as they probably have never seen something similar before. Keylocker mixes the cyberpunk setting with mythology and other non-technical and fabulous features. Sounds quite interesting!

Nana Moon wants to combine both future and past, creating a unique world full of high technologies and fairytale creatures. The game has poignant subtext in its plot, reflecting the modern world, as well as its problems. According to the developer, the main focus of the game is on the social gaps of our time, which will be reflected in its plot. The main character of the title is a girl who was imprisoned due to her excellent guitar skills. The heroine will fight the absurd, staging a real revolution against such a regime. Quest by quest, the player will move up the social ladder in order to ultimately achieve success in the fight against the system. Thus, the game already combines the features of dystopia, fantasy, and cyberpunk. Let's hope that the developer will be able to successfully embody these ambitions in his new project.

According to Nana Moon, the gameplay of the title will be quite varied and the main character Bobo will be in danger everywhere. The types of threats promise to be very different, so the developer has introduced many mini-games into the title so that a player can better perceive the unpredictability and difference of threats. Noon admitted that quite a few of these mini-games were inspired by the legendary Guitar Hero. A player will have to go through rhythmic levels to win. Moreover, Bobo attacks enemies with his guitar! It should look pretty cool.

The exact release date has not yet been announced, but the developer hopes that the project will be completed by the end of 2023.


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