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A Fresh Trailer For The Upcoming Splatoon 3

a year ago
A Fresh Trailer For The Upcoming Splatoon 3

Recently, Nintendo released the second trailer for their upcoming shooter Splatoon 3. The trailer shows a lot of new content that excited the fans of the series a lot.

The previous parts of the title were famous for their fun gameplay. Two teams of four players fight and cover the map with colored ink. Due to the Nintendo Direct event, today a player can explore the new trailer for the third-person shooter Splatoon 3, dubbed Return of the Mammalians.

The developers of the game recalled that the action of Splatoon 3 will unfold in Plukhtonia - a hot new region with trendy residents. The trailer showed two types of costumes for agent 003. Besides, a player will have a Little Buddy partner who can be placed in the backpack. The main character will be available to customize, so players could create their unique styles. It was confirmed that Squid Sisters from Splatoon 2 will feature the future game as well.

The trailer also featured soldiers of the Octorian army preparing to invade the squid world. Each of them has a strange coat. Part of the campaign events will unfold in Alterna, an unusual construction in the world of Pluchtonia.

The game will feature a lot of new locations. The trailer showed Eeltail Alley, a place where young people hang out; Museum d'Alfonsino, a gallery with works of modern art; Scorch Gorge, mountain ranges. Each of the provided locations looks great, attractive, and interesting to play on.

Besides, the trailer showed numerous new special weapons. Players can expect at least five unique weapons full of great features. Furthermore, the majority of weapons and armors from the previous game will be updated and improved.

Recently, the developers of the title released a demo version of the Clickbait song which will feature the game. It is performed by the C-Side trio from Plukhtonia. The electrified rhythm and vibrant guitar riff perfectly capture the spirit of Plukhton. The song is available on all digital music distribution services.

Splatoon 3 is one of the most promising upcoming titles for Nintendo due to the big popularity and recognition of its previous game. The game was announced it February 17, 2021, and will be officially launching on Switch in 2022. Nevertheless, it’s still unavailable to pre-order from Nintendo eShop. New information about the gameplay of this project will be announced soon.


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