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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim player accidentally became a chicken killer

5 months ago
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim player accidentally became a chicken killer

The gamer wanted to pump his magic skills in the exciting gaming novelty The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, but for various reasons, he did not succeed. In the process of his attempts to pump the magic of “Illusion,” the gamer achieved an interesting result - he became a  serial killer of poor chickens. So, in the game, there is a spell "Rage," which forces low-level opponents to attack their friends and partners in thirty seconds. Using this method constantly, one can pump the magic of "Illusion". As you know, large animals or bandits are not suitable targets. After all, big troubles can happen, for example, you will have to join the battle. Therefore, the gamer made a very original decision - to attack virtual chickens. After all, the "Rage" spell affects them in the same way as other game creatures. But they are unlikely to be able to give a rebuff to the player. 

So, the idea of ​​the creative player was interesting: find a chicken and cast this spell on it every thirty seconds. Alas, this plan again failed. The first hen to gain this skill was killed by a guard who thought she was dangerous. Then the gamer decided to change his strategy and began to lure the chickens into the desert. However, even here he did not achieve the desired result. Chickens were destroyed by bandits, mercenaries, and others. As a result, only one chicken managed to survive, which ran away from the gamer.

It's interesting to see what else players will come up with as they go through the exciting challenges of this popular role-playing video game.


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