Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Will Be A Retro RPG Game

2 years ago
Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Will Be A Retro RPG Game

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands is an upcoming spin-off of the Borderlands series. Nevertheless, the title will be pretty unusual for common Borderlands games. According to the developers, the title will have features from old-school RPG board games as well as feature a full world map, the first time for the Borderlands franchise.

Players will experience an epic adventure full of fun, miracle happenings, and large-caliber barrels! All the best features of Borderlands are going to be combined with fantasy stuff as everything is mixed in this eccentric magic world, invented by the Little Tina.

A player will be able to create a unique multiclass hero and go to rob, shoot, hack and conjure. They will have to defeat outlandish monsters, cleanse dungeons filled with loot and stop the tyrannical Dragon Lord!

According to the recent interview with Play Magazine, Gearbox revealed that this time a player won’t move from one location to another one like in all the previous games of this franchise. Besides, the game process will be reminding a board game, but a player could set it up in the way they want to play it.

The outside world map is for the most part built like a high-end miniature terrain map, but since Tiny Tina manages things, the detailed models are also accompanied by a layer of cheese here and some spilled soda there. A player will control a miniature version of their character as they move from one mission to the next, and they can be rewarded for wandering the beaten path.

Developers said that a player will be able to discover their own story maps in a personal way and make some additional research. The exploration will open up side maps that have their own main quests and storylines that are self-contained, that are partly related to the main story but are kind of a small piece world. However, there are also wandering monsters to encounter, so you never have to wait long without a first-person fight.

Several weeks before, the developers released a trailer of the game showing several available hero classes. As it can be seen, the game indeed references some RPG settings as there are characters using magic swells, war hammers, swords, and other fantasy stuff. Perhaps it’s pretty weird for the common space Western science-fantasy setting of Borderlands, the title may become a breath of fresh air for the series and significantly expand the boundaries of the franchise. The release date of the game is set at March 25.


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