Overwatch 2 trailer showed Sojourn, a new hero, and old characters with new looks

a year ago
Overwatch 2 trailer showed Sojourn, a new hero, and old characters with new looks

A trailer for gameplay supposedly leaked from the official Taiwanese YouTube game page. Although it was deleted shortly after the appearance, gamers shared the video and saved it. The Overwatch fans were aware of Sojourn from the previous video from the official channel. The animated clip revealed Sojourn's origin.  


The second video focused attention mainly on the characteristics and abilities of the new, first in the history of the game, black female hero.


Weapon and abilities features were demonstrated in the gameplay trailer: the railgun with different fire modes, single and automatic; cannon that can conceal in Sojourn's arm; and Powerslide that can be followed by high jumps.


Another aspect deserving attention is the new looks of known characters such as  Ashe, Genji, Mercy, Zenyatta, and others. Most of them were upgraded for the first time. These teasing trailers provoked anticipation of the Overwatch 2 release. Game fans are craving upcoming releases and updates. They waited for a new character for two years since the last was added in 2020.


The test version of Overwatch 2 will be released on April 26, with Sojourn in it. It will be an excellent chance to train before the full one and upgrade skills with new characters. 


Overwatch 2 director, Aaron Keller, made an excuse for not having enough discussion of game development with players and tanked for feedback, “Based on your feedback we’ve taken some time to rethink Overwatch 2, with the singular goal of making sure it’s a living game, serving our players with exciting content on a regular basis.”



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