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Ubisoft Teases A New Unrevealed Tom Clancy's Game This Monday

a year ago
Ubisoft Teases A New Unrevealed Tom Clancy's Game This Monday

Several months ago there were some rumors about the development of a new Tom Clancy game. According to those leaks, it would be a free-to-play crossover shooter combining The Division, Splinter Cell, and Ghost Recon franchises. Lately, Ubisoft announced via its Twitter account that this Monday, we will see the world premiere of this project.

As it was reported previously, the publisher wants to change its strategy and move to the production of F2P-AAA games. For instance, it was confirmed that the next Assassin’s Creed title will be a regularly updated free-to-play game covering different timelines. It seems like the Tom Clancy franchise will soon have a game of such a type as well. In this way, the company keeps following its lately announced plan to release F2P titles for all their popular franchises.

The announcements of a new game will start at 11 AM PT / 8 PM CEST. There isn’t much information about the title except it will be a PvP-oriented first-person shooter in the Division set. Nevertheless, there will be PvE elements as well. The codename of the upcoming title is Battlecat. The basis of the game battles in locations with many shelters.

The platforms for Battlecat are still unknown, but according to the IGN trailer, the game will be available on both consoles and PCs. Also, this trailer confirms the relation of the game to the Division as the shown city is very close to New York from the game. Nevertheless, any information about the plot of the game is still unrevealed.

The developers promise players something completely new for the Tom Clancy series. Fans expect a mix of the best features of mentioned franchises. Moreover, it was confirmed that the characters of these games will appear in Battlecat. Although the gameplay presented by IGM was pretty similar to all modern shooters, the player could use some special skills bringing a lot of interesting features to the usual game process. Accordingly, it is expected that the game will feature different classes with a set of unique opportunities.

There is still no information about the release of the game. As was stated by the developers, it’s only at the early stages of the development. Hence, it means that it won’t be released soon. It’s pretty disappointing for the fans as another Tom Clancy game Rainbow Six Extraction was delayed to the next year.


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