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Update 3.2 Genshin Impact: date and time

5 months ago
Update 3.2 Genshin Impact: date and time

There is wonderful news for gamers and fans of the open-world Action/RPG game Genshin Impact! As you know, this game tells the story of the events unfolding in the magical world of Teyvat. Developer HoYoverse has posted the long-awaited trailer for version 3.2. as always, the developers, as always, plan to hold a live broadcast to give gamers all the details of the upcoming update. As it became known from a related post by company representatives on Twitter, a live broadcast dedicated to updating 3.2 of the popular game novelty will take place on October 23 this year. So it's not long to wait. Note that the company has already introduced two interesting game characters to the players - Layla and Nahid.

So, the event will be broadcast on the usual channels: Twitch and YouTube. The update will be released to fans of the game at 8:00 AM EST (5:00 AM PST). The Twitch VOD program is not archived but will be uploaded to YouTube in about four hours.

So, version 3.2 will last approximately five weeks instead of the usual six weeks of Genshin Impact. Note that update 3.3 is likely to be released on December 7 this year. Starting from version 3.3, Turkish and Italian languages ​​will appear in the language settings of the game novelty.


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