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Update The Witcher 3 - new interesting details

11 months ago
Update The Witcher 3 - new interesting details

This awesome update for Xbox Series X and PS5 arrives today. What can players expect from this expansion? According to the development company, gamers will see ray tracing and interesting visual improvements. This great update is free for next-generation consoles and PC players. PS4 and Xbox One players can download the patch, but the company is yet to reveal the details of this version.

So, for consoles and PC, this exciting patch will add great lighting and occlusion with ray tracing. Check out the spectacular 4K textures. The heroes of the game will have high-definition auto-dimming. From now on, the hero's hair will no longer go through armor. So the graphics of the video novelty will become much better and more realistic, and this is good news.

Gamers who play on PC will love the unique graphics option that will increase the number of background characters, shadows, etc. An interesting update will allow you to capture your favorite scenes and use a   photo mode to save them in your collection.

You'll find a cross-progression feature across platforms and a long list of gameplay updates and improvements. You'll also see a camera option that can better respond to the motion.

Xbox Series X and PS5 players can switch between performance and ray tracing modes.

Recall that this new product is an exciting action/RPG computer game developed by the Polish company CD Projekt RED. The game immediately gained immense popularity, and its characters became favorite game characters.


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