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League of Legends Provides A New Penalty System

2 years ago
League of Legends Provides A New Penalty System

The Riot Games studio is discomposed about the statistics of inactivity in their League of Legends. The developers are going to change the state of affairs by providing a new penalty system. The test will begin soon.

The developers of the successful MOBA game League of Legends are going to add a new punishment for users who are constantly inactive during the game. For today, the percentage of inactive players in League of Legends reached 9%. Such a value provoked the developers to take measures. According to Riot Games, the old punishment system is not effective enough right now, so the guiltiest violators will be suspended from matches for a period of one day to two weeks.

A gamer who doesn’t want to follow the rules will receive a pop-up window and will be suspended from the MOBA queues. When the suspension expires, the person will receive maximum delay before the start of the match. It may stop a player before breaking the rules and provide them some time to thank over their behavior.

The current hard-core violators will be reset to level 3. They will get a chance to mend before the suspension system kicks in. The punishment table includes 7 levels. The last 4 of them remove the player from the ability to take part in the game. In this way, the studio wants to make violations followed by a measurable punishment that may stop a player to break the rules the next time.  

The level of punishment does not decrease over time. The only way to reduce it is to play matches without being idle. In addition, the teams responsible for the gameplay are now trying with might and main to eliminate the fundamental causes of various violations including difficulty getting back into the game after falling behind, powerlessness when other players in the match break the rules, and connection problems.

Nevertheless, the new penalty system won’t be provided across all the globe simultaneously. The developers want to test in across several regions firstly, as some corners of the world have considerably worse Internet stability. However, if such penalties are successful, Riot Games will share and adopt such a system for all the players. The studio is highly interested in providing its audience the best conditions of gaming. In this way, such a way of punishment may become a new effective measure in the whole online game industry which still struggles with leavers and AFKs.


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