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Meet new modes, maps, and battle events in the Call of Duty: Wild Dogs Mobile season 4

11 months ago
Meet new modes, maps, and battle events in the Call of Duty: Wild Dogs Mobile season 4

Activision shed some light on what to wait for from the new Call of Duty Mobile season: Wild Dogs. In the new season, gamers will be able to play battle royale uniquely. In addition, nature will challenge players with a newly represented Sandstorm event.


Moreover, you may get to know what to expect on the official site. For example, a new kind of weapon, Sandstorm mode, new maps for multiplayer games, and others will bring joy to the gamers.


In the new season: Wild Dogs, players will have to move in the desert and meet obstacles in the form of sandstorms. In order to reach new levels, the gamers will have to use Khandor Hideout and Satellite maps, participate in vehicular fights, and struggle with nature in the form of sandstorms.


You heard right, in Season 4 is a coming back of fan-favorite multiplayer maps, Modern Warfare's Khandor Hideout and Black Ops Cold War's Satellite, in addition to Modern Warfare's 12v12 Ground War mode. A new event, Sandstorm Eye, will make you analyze given maps, complete challenging tasks, and get rewards for moving forward in the game.


The official game site represented info about new guns, blueprints, charms, and other details which you may find there. Wait for content for Apple and Android release on April 27, 2022, at 5 pm PT. 


Infinity Ward, the COD developer, teased the game fans about Ghost, one of the favorite characters of most of the fans. The profile and banner images on Twitter were mysteriously blacked out and then shifted by black icons. After the brightening of both pictures, fans caught a glimpse of the game character: Ghost.


In addition, Activision allayed the rumors concerning the COD 2022 game. They published the list of 10 Call of Duty games and confirmed the top place winner: Modern Warfare 2.


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