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The Trailer of New Fortnite Chapter Is Released

2 years ago
The Trailer of New Fortnite Chapter Is Released

The upcoming update of Fortnite was followed by the tones of leaks, but lately, all the announcements were officially presented by Epic Game. Fortnite becomes much more interesting and exciting as future novelties are really impressive!

According to the trailer, it became known about the appearance of new costumes - here is Spider-Man with a classic outfit and a black symbiote, and Gears of War heroes like Marcus Phoenix and Kate. They will all be part of the new Battle Pass.

Much more interesting is that the action is switching to the new Unreal Engine 5, thanks to which a new system of destruction will be added - for example, if one tree falls, it can hit another, and they will fall together. Surely this can be used in battle. They will also add cataclysms like tornados and lightning in the spirit of Battlefield 2042.

In addition, they showed the mechanics of sliding and grappling hooks. And a new card - after the "Final" event, the island is turned upside down. Among the locations have already noted the building "Daily Bugle" - newspapers from the universe of "Spider-Man".

Somehow Epic Games managed to make the animations of Spider-Man smoother and more natural than in the game from Marvel, and the Spider itself can fly at great heights. And this is despite the fact that the authors of "The Avengers" used the developments of Marvel's Spider-Man - an exclusive PlayStation console from Insomniac Games. It is unclear what is the reason for such a big difference.

Prior to that, Epic Games hosted the traditional end-of-season Fortnite event - an epic event that concludes the second chapter of the battle royale. It all started with a battle with aliens - a portal to the world of battle royale was opened for them to invade the island. For the opponents, everything went quite well, but The Founder appeared.

He went to rescue Agent Jones from the clutches of the corporation, while simultaneously revealing his identity - yes, he is indeed played by Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. Fans have long assumed this, but now the identity of the hero has been officially revealed. Then the duo went to the starting point and flipped the island, thus closing the portal for the aliens.

The fighters of the royal battle watched this from afar - after the coup, everyone was covered with a wave and they lost consciousness. Thus, the developers sent the servers for preventive maintenance.


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