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Warframe Will Be Updated Soon

2 years ago
Warframe Will Be Updated Soon

At the end of 2021, the multiplayer shooter Warframe received the most important story expansion ever. Finally, the New War became available to players with key events that marked the beginning of a new era. But it seems that this is only the beginning of global updates.

A new expansion for Warframe is coming and it's called Zariman's Angels. This is an expansion that will include a new quest, one Warframe, and two new game modes.

With the new expansion due out in early spring, the game will feature a new quest and another Warframe, as well as two additional modes and various improvements.

In addition, the developers, speaking about plans for 2022, noted that the most important task for them is to implement support for crossplay and cross progress. Active work is underway, and when the studio has more specifics, it will definitely report on the results of its work.

Last December, Warframe received a major story expansion, The New War, and the developers note that some of the characters from the first act may reappear in the future. And speaking of the future, the Echoes of War update is coming to all platforms on February 9th with a number of improvements, new augments, and cosmetic items.

The update includes the ability to replay the "New War" quest again, a redesigned weapon selection system when creating a Lich / Sister, new augments, a new deluxe skin for Hildryn "Einheri", TennoGen round 21, a cosmetic expansion of the appearance for the Operator / Drifter (the ability to create Heterochromia), a new Warframe Equipment UI in the Arsenal and a Settings UI with changes to controls, as well as many other updates.

Recently, developers have been actively trying to interact with their audience and provide players with exactly what they want. Accordingly, they recently conducted a series of surveys to chart their plans for the future. The questions are related to raids, content difficulty, the number of opponents, the archetypes of new frames, customization, the superiority of new equipment over the old, and much more. It is likely that this poll will be able to influence the roadmap for the development of the game in 2022, and enough votes for the need to return raids will allow the Warframe community to have complex group activity.

Thus, the Warframe developers have chosen a rather interesting way of developing their project, which is likely to satisfy the already existing audience of the title, and may also have a positive impact on attracting a new audience.


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