Warhammer Fest 2022 - overview of the presented reveals

4 months ago
Warhammer Fest 2022 - overview of the presented reveals

The yearly Fest of Game Workshop took place on May 4th-7th. Warhammer Fest 2022 pleased the fans with new reveals and modes.


Videos with announcements of new novelties overburdened Warhammer Fest. Among prominent discoveries are Kill Team, the Horus Heresy, Warhammer 40,000, Chaos Space Marines, Age of Sigmar, etc. All presented reveals were really cool, but their amount was too much to pay precise attention to.


After a brief overview, we decided to discuss the most prominent and worthy attention not to overwhelm you with information. Many interesting things start from game updates like Codex to board games based on the Warhammer world.  


Following the reveal of the League of Votann, we noticed a new version of the iconic original model of the Squat tricycle. Now it hovers over the ground and looks more cool and advanced. 


There is not much information about the vehicle itself, but the rider looks like a pilot of a biplane from the previous century. We are not sure if it is a coincidental choice of a cool look. But the rider’s outfit matches that industrial outlook of trice with all the pipes and plating. 


Maybe you think Squat prospectors disappeared from League, but their similar design language with previously-issued Votann states the opposite. Moreover, it hints at the armory and style of upcoming models.


After the earlier release of Chaos Space Marines, we have a chance to see with our own eyes the new models. It is worth mentioning that some models can be easily used for Warhammer: Age of Sigmar or Warhammer 40,000 as well.


The sculpts of Tormented and Mutants, which we were lucky to glimpse, are human-like creatures good for horrifying enemies. Claws and clutches of extra heads look more blood-curdling than old sculptures of Chaos Spawn but no more.


One more reveal was noticed in the Horus Heresy box, which included new monsters and models for two armies. In addition to 40 Space Marine Legionaries, you may find Contemptor Dreadnought mech that is customizable and customizable, Spartan tank, two Praetor, and ten armored like Terminator Space Marines.


Is it worth starting to save? We do not know for sure, but the prices are confirmed to be nearly $ 300 or £200.



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