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Who will voice the fantastic character from Star Wars: Outlaws?

3 months ago
Who will voice the fantastic character from Star Wars: Outlaws?

Super news for Star Wars fans. Recently, players were lucky to see footage from the Star Wars: Outlaws trailer. The joint game project details were shown in an exciting video trailer at the Xbox Games Showcase. The most striking impression on the saga fans was made by an outlandish animal - a charming companion named Nyx. It was this fantastic creature that became the absolute legend of Star Wars.

According to the studio Ubisoft in a press release, Dee Bradley Baker will voice Nyx. He previously had tremendous experience in voice acting for different game characters. For example, he voiced clone troopers in The Clone Wars. Undoubtedly, this actor will cope with the task of making Nix super charismatic.

The main character of the adventure action game, Kay Vess, will be played by famous actress Humberly González. She also has great experience in voice acting for various game characters.

So, Star Wars fans are looking forward to the release of this wonderful game, which has already made a great impression, judging by the footage presented. Next year, the exciting video novelty will be released on Xbox Series X|S, PS 5, and PC.


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